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The agency’s


To support, advise, and accompany artists and artistic companies by promoting their work to specific targeted programmers and assisting them in market development in order to help them shine in Canada and Internationally.

The agency’s


By sharing its experience and expertise, the agency is deeply committed to the benefit of the artist, the presenter as well as the artistic community.


towards the artist

The agency frees the artist of the burden of selling his art, allowing him a full concentration on creation and development. The agency maintains a strong, honest and transparent relationship, aiming for healthy exchanges and increased understanding within everyone’s respective work.

Always having the artist’s benefit in mind, the agency prioritizes long term development by building strong bridges between the artist and the presenter. It identifies communities where the art piece lives best, where it will have the possibility of expanding. The agency helps the artist to determine a development plan which includes contacts to key presenter of the area as well as towards new avenues of presentation.

The agency selects its roster of artists according to its deep convictions towards the talent of the artist.
It chooses to maintain the representation of a large variety of dance talents in order to avoid competition between its clients. 


towards the presenter

The agency facilitates access to high quality and original artistic work to presenters and promoters by easily identifying the needs, challenges and reality of their venue. It establishes a strong lasting relationship with them, respecting the artistic vision and the positioning of their program; therefore playing a crucial role by being the eyes, always on the lookout for remarquable artwork.

towards the artistic community

The agency offers sporadic and customized practical support to cultural organizations according to their needs. It actively participates to maintain a viable cultural ecosystem by collaborating mainly with emerging artists, agents and cultural workers.



In the past 4 years, the agency has received the support of various organizations, who have acknowledged the work of its director.

Since 2017
The Canada Council for the Arts supports the activities of the agency through its programs : Arts Across Canada, Arts Abroad and Supporting Artistic Practice.

2016, 2017, 2018
Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ) 

Défi OSEntreprendre, Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Services to Businesses category
(Local - Saint-Jérôme) 

2015, 2016
Support for Self-Employment measure / Développement Économique Grand Saint-Jérôme and Emploi-Québec

Since 2018
Proud member of La danse sur les routes du Québec and of the BC touring council

Since 2019
Proud member of NAPAMA
Since 2020

Proud member of Culture Laurentides


Cusson Management and Nadine Asswad Agency collaborate since 2018 in order to enrich their knowledge and share mutual ressources.


Director, representation & North-American development

Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre / Critic and dramaturgy from The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) (2007) as well as a Specialized Graduate Diploma (DESS) in Contemporary Puppetry Theatre (2009), Valerie developed an interest for the management of cultural businesses, for tour managing and for artist representation.

She earned her stripes from companies specialized in dance as well as in young audiences theater before founding Cusson Management Inc. in 2015, where she  meticulously selects a roster of artists who reflect her values and interests. Animated by a passion for wonder, Valérie is involved in numerous unifying and inclusive community-based actions, focused on instilling a bit of magic in everyday’s routine.


Communications & promotion agent

With more than 15 years of experience in the world of graphic communication and design, Émilie has had to coordinate various types of advertising projects. By always having the best interest of her clients at heart, she ensures that their messages are conveyed in a clear, efficient and focused way and she supports them in extending their influence. Planification and mobilization of artistic and entrepreneurial strengths are her watchwords. 

Innovative, creative and of a curious nature, she works on implementing communication strategies for Cusson Management and Nadine Asswad Agency.