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PosterCamilleH-FINAL-image Photo credit Diana Uribe  Graphism  Carlos Alberto Rátiva Gonzá


Montreal based interdisciplinary artist Audrey-Anne Bouchard used her visual impairment as inspiration to develop an innovative artistic form, proposing a new sensorial experience of dance and theatre. Her first piece Camille is an immersive experience designed to engage all of the spectator’s senses but sight.  Audience members are invited to enter the performance space, to sit at the centre of the set, as the story unfolds. Specifically designed for audience members living with visual impairments, the artist’s work is also accessible to all audiences.

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Jocelyn Sioui is a creator and puppeteer whose universe is tinged with humor, real-life stories and a bit of his own imaginary. His book Mononk Jules and the theatrical work of the same name lead him to question his origins and collective memory. As a writer-performer, he attempts to pick up and put back together the pieces of history. His next new work, based on his tale Frétillant et Agile, will hit the stages in 2023-2024.

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Under the artistic co-direction of dramaturgs and performers Catherine Côté and Charles Fournier, Mon père est mort (MPEM) creates and produces accessible theatrical works that offer food for thought on contemporary social issues. The company's strength lies in its bifocal vision, embodied in its artistic co-direction, which puts the spotlight on creative theater and contemporary dramaturgy, tackling current issues in a singular, straightforward and humane way.


At the crossroads of several artistic disciplines, but mainly in theatre, Productions Onishka is an interdisciplinary artistic organization, which weaves bonds of sharing between indigenous peoples around the world while honoring them, their diversity and their resilience. Founded in 2011 by Émilie Monnet, Onishka creates and produces shows that promote original and meaningful artistic collaborations to offer a fresh look at the world in which we live. Onishka means 'wake up' in Anishnabemowin. In this spirit, they designate artistic creation as a catalyst for social transformation that allows us to question how the realities and struggles of Indigenous peoples are perceived.

PHOTO CREDITS : 1- AUDREY-ANNE BOUCHARD/AU-DELÀ DU VISUEL :  Photo  Diana Uribe  Graphism  Carlos Alberto Rátiva González, 2- JOCELYN SIOUI :  Caroline Rousseau-Merveillie,
3- MON PÈRE EST MORT : David Mendoza , 4- PRODUCTIONS ONISHKA : Pascal Gely

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