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Credit : Atwood Photographie

Credit : Eva-Maude TC

Under the artistic co-direction of playwrights and performers Catherine Côté and Charles Fournier, Mon père est mort (MPEM) creates and produces accessible theatrical works that offer food for thought on contemporary social issues. The company's strength lies in its bifocal vision, embodied in its co-artistic direction, which promotes creative theater and contemporary dramaturgy by tackling current issues in a singular, straightforward and humane way.  

Simple and direct, the company's name reflects the co-directors' desire for transparency and truth. It evokes the company's predilection for works that present things as they are, without compromise.  

The name Mon père est mort refers to the founding event of the meeting between Catherine Côté and Charles Fournier. In 2011, Charles' father's devastating cancer and death prompted him to change careers and audition for theatrical schools. A few months later, the two artists met at the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec, from which they graduated in 2015.


Over the course of 2023 and 2024, artists from Mon père est mort will be working on new creations that will be available for touring in future seasons !

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