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« This project was born from a desire to create a show that would be accessible to both audiences who have their sense of vision and to people who live with a visual impairment. »

- Audrey-Anne Bouchard

© David Ward

Project instigator, author and director


Audrey-Anne Bouchard is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and teacher. A graduate of Concordia University’s Design for the Theatre program, she first established her career in the arts as a Lighting Designer for Dance and Theatre. In parallel, her versatility and curiosity for the collative creation process encourage her to develop and direct her own creations. Inspired by her visual disability, Audrey-Anne imitates the Au-delà du visuel (Beyond sight) research project that seeks to explore how to create and communicate a dance-theatre experience that does not involve sight and that would therefore be accessible to an audience living with vision loss. With a team of dedicated collaborators including dancers-choreographers, set and sound designers, actor and playwright, they develop the Beyond sight creative method and create a new immersive artistic form that engages the spectator’s every senses but sight. The outcome of three years of research, the interdisciplinary performance Camille was presented with great success at the MAI last September 2019. With her team, Audrey-Anne now pursues her research and begins the creation of a Fragments (working title), a new piece beyond sight... In addition, she is active in the development of inclusion in the arts and participates in various activities: She is a member of the city of Montreal’s Chantier for Universal accessibility and a member of the Montreal Arts Council accessibility consultation committee. Since 2015, she has acted as Production coach for the students at the National Theatre School of Canada.

**Accessible to people living with a visual impairment

**Camille’s website is currently available in French only.

Camille: The story - 2021




PRODUCED BY  Audrey-Anne Bouchard

CONCEIVED BY  Audrey-Anne Bouchard IN COLLABORATION WITH Joseph Browne, Marijoe Foucher, Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre,

Laurie-Anne Langis & Marc-André Lapointe

DIRECTION  Audrey-Anne Bouchard

CHOREOGRAPHY Laurie-Anne Langis and Marijoe Foucher

TEXT  Audrey-Anne Bouchard & Marc-André Lapointe

PERFORMERS  Marijoe Foucher, Laurie-Anne Langis, Marc-André Lapointe, Sarah Leblanc-Gosselin, Olivier Rousseau

& Guenièvre Sandré

SET & COSTUME DESIGN  Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre

in collaboration with Diana Uribe

SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC Joseph Browne in collaboration

with Rob Denton

This piece features excerpts of : Dream 1 (Before the wind blows it all away) by Max Richter

TECHNICAL DIRECTION Étienne Mongrain-Vaillancourt

MEDIATION Anne-Sophie Tougas

DURATION 90 minutes (including audience preparation
                   and artistic mediation)
CREW 6 performers/guides + 2 stage managers

           + 1 art mediator/moderator
SET-UP 12 hours

12.8m (42') / 9.2m (30') / 3.1m (10')

AUDIENCE SIZE 6 spectators per show
- Awareness workshops for the general public 
- Beyond the visual creative method for artists



Camille: The Story is an immersive performance designed to engage all of your senses—except sight. In this revised version of the show Camille: un rendez-vous au-delà du visuel, audience members are invited to enter the performance space, to sit at the centre of the set, as the story unfolds.

After his close friend Camille’s departure, Pierre navigates her absence and revisits memories that take shape through movement, smell and sound. Grounded both in the real and the surreal, the story sheds light on Pierre’s emotional journey as he faces the loss of a meaningful friendship and tries to create ties with new people.


Camille offers a sensory experience that is accessible to all audience members, whether blind, partially sighted, or sighted.

For this incredible piece, Audrey-Anne Bouchard received the "OUTSTANDING DIRECTION" award at the Annual METAs Ceremony 2022!

An experience that is out of the ordinary.’’

- Jessie Archambault, AMI télé


PosterCamilleH-FINAL-image Photo credit Diana Uribe  Graphism  Carlos Alberto Rátiva Gonzá


PosterCamilleH-FINAL-image Photo credit Diana Uribe  Graphism  Carlos Alberto Rátiva Gonzá




DIRECTOR AND CO-AUTHOR: Audrey-Anne Bouchard

CO-AUTHOR AND ACTOR: Marc-André Lapointe

CHOREOGRAPHERS AND PERFORMERS: Marijoe Foucher and Laurie-Anne Langis


PIANIST AND ASSOCIATE COMPOSER: Vytautas Bucionis Jr. SCENOGRAPHY: Josée Bergeron-Proulx

DURATION  between 45 and 75 minutes

AUDIENCE SIZE  from 12 to 24 spectators


- Awareness workshops for the general public are available. Workshops to teach the method of creation “beyond the visual” available to artists and performing professionals (ideal for performing arts students).


Fragments photo par Francis Nadeau Lussier.jpg

Fragments (working title) is a brand new research-creation project that explores the theme of memory through the construction of a fragmented interdisciplinary narrative. As part of a first phase of work, the team explores memory as a scenographic place. How can the viewer be made to travel within the memory of a character? What is the sound and texture of this place? The artists are currently developing different techniques and qualities of stage presences to transmit dance and theater to a blind audience exploring among other things the sound of the gesture of writing, the amplification and spatialization of sounds and the superposition of narrative frames. Visually impaired pianist and composer Vytautas Bucionis Jr joins the process and brings a new sensitivity to the team’s inclusive approach. The final work will be accessible to blind people as well as partially sighted and sighted people invited to live the experience blindfolded. Artist Audrey-Anne Bouchard is supported by MAI (Maison des Arts Interculturels) in the creation of this work.

How can we make the motionless spectator travel by transforming the scenography around him?"

- Audrey-Anne Bouchard


May 10 - 12, 2024 , Camille : The Story Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace Theatre, Toronto, ON

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